Local Marketing Strategies for Restaurants in 2022

It’s not a secret that word-of-mouth recommendations are among the most effective methods of marketing for restaurants available – in fact, over 85 percent of small businesses believe that word-of-mouth referrals bring them the highest number of customers. 

This is why, increasingly, strategically making use of your online presence could increase foot traffic to your establishment and increase sales.

In actual fact, Google reported in 2019 that searches that included “near me” soared across almost every field in the world, in particular, “where to buy” plus “near me” searches increased by over 200% between 2017 and 2019. 

Nearby customers are looking for your business, and how can you assist them to find your company?

If you develop a well-thought-out local marketing plan Your restaurant will be crowded with customers within a matter of minutes. Find out the top restaurant marketing tips to help you make a splash within your community.

Why local marketing strategy is a good choice?

Why is your restaurant in need of marketing strategies for restaurants? Alongside reviews, mobile searches, and bringing customers to your establishment before they step foot inside Local marketing focuses on potential guests who reside in your region, rather than those who reside elsewhere. 

If you focus your marketing efforts on your community and the people who reside, work or travel to in your region and are more likely to get repeat customers who will choose your restaurant as their preferred choice and will likely encourage their acquaintances to do the same.

How will your marketing strategy impact the local community? Some of the restaurant-related marketing ideas to be aware of.

Research your competitors in restaurant business

As the owner of a small-scale business, you’re already present in your local community people you want to attract are people who you meet in your local coffee house on a daily basis or run upon at the grocery store when you’re on the way home. While knowing the demographics of your neighborhood is crucial, from people who live there and are looking for an evening out on the town to those looking for a spot to have a drink after work, understanding the peer restaurants in the area is also important.

When you are researching local eateries check out the current specials, events, or food items that they offer when you visit in person or look through their social media pages. If you notice a large crowd of people gathered around the local Mexican place on a Tuesday, perhaps people are looking for special tacos. If the Friday night jazz music draws patrons to the cozy Italian restaurant that’s right on the corner is live music a good fit for your restaurant’s decor? If you see particular events that appeal to those same patrons you’d like to attract, you can look at a chapter from the books of your competitors and tailor it to the style of your restaurant.

Find local SEO & Social Geo Tags

With over 77 percent of people who dine out saying they’ll probably go to a restaurant’s site prior to making a decision about which restaurant to go to, improving the local SEO of your website is an essential part of your marketing plan. Here’s how to increase the ranking of your local search engines:

Make improvements to improve your Google Business Profile. It is important to optimize your Google Business profile. Google Business profile serves as your “homepage” in search results for local customers looking to find out more about your hours of operation, reviews, cuisine, and your location. If you create and update regularly the information on your Google business profile with up-to-date details, menus, and images, it boosts your chance of being discovered through your Google search.

Make sure you encourage positive reviews. When customers search for “sandwiches near me” in Google the search engine favors those with positive reviews. Similar to any review website the more feedback you can get the more favorable it.

Check that your site is mobile-friendly. Your full-screen movie of pizza dough being tossed into the air could be awe-inspiring to customers viewing your site from desktops however the vast majority of users are searching for restaurants on their smartphones. In a survey of diners, 56% said that mobile-friendly websites are extremely essential. A majority of customers want to look up menus or locate the hours of operation which is why a website that allows them to call, book, view the menu or make an order with just a couple of clicks from their smartphones is a lot more likely to have them join your table for dinner in the near future.

Capitalize on geotags. By geotagging your restaurant’s social media posts and encouraging your guests to use the same method, guests are just a few clicks from seeing that you’re close as well as other images were taken at your establishment. Geotagging can be a win-win situation that improves your online visibility to customers who are near and also provides the convenience for your customers to browse photos related to your restaurant’s location.

Network with others restaurant business owners

Connecting with other local business owners and restaurateurs could be a major benefit to your restaurant. You might already have a relationship with the nearest restaurant because your ice maker stopped working or they were out of olives but expanding your reach could make you a part of the local community.

Join an alliance of neighborhood residents or a business development group. These groups often organize networking events that allow you to meet fellow operators and get together with business owners who are looking for the perfect place to host their annual Christmas event.

Donate to schools in the vicinity. If a school is able to reach out in a fundraising event think about giving a gift card to your restaurant – it can bring customers into the restaurant and will help increase your reputation locally.

Participate in local food festivals in your area. It gives guests the opportunity to sample your food while also displaying your logo on promotional materials for the event.

Encourage your team members to spread the word to their friends

Your employees are your most valuable source of local marketing. Encourage them to invite their guests to eat at your establishment by offering rewards, such as coupons for a free meal or a trip to the patio when they arrive in the restaurant. 

People who have a personal connection with the restaurant are more likely to be generous with their tips, leave glowing reviews on the internet, and eat with you in the near future so be sure to take the time to take care of them while at your restaurant.

Interact with your customers through Social Media

It’s not difficult to provide a pleasant experience for guests as they dine in your restaurant, remember that you are able to communicate with them via social media. 

Making your guest interactions outside of the restaurant into the customers’ hands is crucial to creating an active community of your brand. 

When your guests want to go out for a night or are pondering a spot to take their parents when they’re visiting Your restaurant will be the first choice they consider.

Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

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