Katch the Kitchen Food Truck

With minimal investment and low risk, katch the kitchen food truck are now becoming the most popular choice for starting a restaurant particularly for those who are new to the restaurant business. We can assist you in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of having a food truck, or an established restaurant. Find out more information about this.

The idea of a food truck has been believed as a profitable food-related business concept due to the fact that it requires a smaller expense than a sit-down eatery. 

This alone is an advantage. benefit of operating an eatery instead of a traditional restaurant since the money saved from the process of setting up could be used to invest in other areas such as marketing or menu design. The main expense is purchasing your own truck, but this is feasible if you take advantage of the expanding rental market for food trucks. If you have an old truck and used equipment, you can start your food truck for less than 10 Lakh!

The next step is to equip your vehicle with the appropriate equipment, such as exhausts as well as heaters, grillers and any other equipment that is specific to that your specific needs. Katch the Kitchen Food Trucks are an excellent bargain when you are behind the wheel. 

A basic food truck costs at around Rs. 21,500. This includes extra charges for upgrades, such as additional hot plates as well as water filtration and refrigeration units. Lease and sales options for three years means that sellers don’t need to shell out a lot of money to buy a brand new equipment.

Operating a restaurant demands the investment of expensive services, employ a broad assortment of staff, such as servers, cashiers, cooks kitchen managers, cleaning staff and more. Also, you have to pay tax on the property if own your own real property or rents per month when the property is rented. This is why it is crucial for you to manage your operating costs low, particularly those hidden costs could cause your restaurant to be in financial trouble..

However the operating costs of a food truck are monthly and are limited to food, equipment, and gas. There is no need for an entire staff, but one person will suffice well, and the majority of the taxes you pay will be less.

Repairs and repairs required at a restaurant could cost you a lot of money in your wallet. It is a fact that brick and mortar home requires constant maintenance. 

Cleaning furnishings, appliances and kitchen equipment as well as restaurant decor, leaky ceilings or pipes. All of these require lots of work and, of course, money.
Food trucks On the other hand are able to do fine with a bit of maintenance and repairs from time to time.

Photo by Arturo Rey on Unsplash

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